As part of Mayor Garcetti’s Public Order Under City of Los Angeles Emergency Authority: Required COVID-19 Testing at Skilled Nursing Facilities, (rev. May 4, 2020), all Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) located within the City of Los Angeles must offer their residents, employees, and contractors diagnostic testing for the COVID-19 virus, free of charge and administered by trained personnel at least once every month.

The City’s Rapid Response Mobile Testing Program has made this testing available to all SNFs within the city (or confirmed that the facility has provided such testing through private resources).

Pursuant to the Order, you may obtain, directly from the SNF, a notice listing the dates on which diagnostic testing had been previously offered and the date that testing will next be available at their facility.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has additional information regarding all SNFs in the County, including a Dashboard of weekly cases reported by facility.

If you work in an assisted living facility where health care workers suspect an outbreak of COVID-19, our crisis response testing team may be able to help with urgent COVID-19 testing. If you are an administrator or medical director of such a facility, please contact us here. We may help with testing at facilities that house the elderly, chronically ill, or debilitated, including nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living facilities, or respiratory hospitals.