Sufficient Hospital & ICU/Vent capacity to meet demand -  Daily ICU census; daily ventilator census; daily number of new COVID-19 hospital admissions; daily hospital surge capacity

Sufficient supply of PPE for all healthcare workers -  2-week supply of PPE on hand to meet estimated need: weekly PPE inventory

Sufficient testing capacity and testing supplies - Number of PCR tests that are processed per day; testing rates in institutional settings with one or more positive cases

Sufficient case and contact tracing capacity - Percent of cases and contacts reached weekly 



Mortality rates remain relatively stable or decrease - Weekly case fatality rate by race/ethnicity, age group and poverty level

Hospitalization rates remain relatively stable or decrease - Weekly hospitalization rate by age group, poverty level, and race/ethnicity; weekly number of reported COVID-19 cases and deaths among persons <65 without comorbidities

High risk populations have access to testing - Weekly testing rates by poverty level, race/ethnicity and age group (if available); percent of institutions with outbreaks where testing was available